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'Travel by fragrance:’ Scott’s Flowers now carrying new luxury line of candles and it’s amazing.

I was scrolling through Facebook while getting my nails done on Wednesday when I came across an interesting post from my friend, Fisher Rinderknecht, who announced his latest venture – Portal Parfums - a fragrance company that’s now selling a unique line of candles.

"The concept of the brand is about transporting yourself and forming scent memories using fragrance. All of the blends I’ve selected are sophisticated, provoking and unique,” Fisher wrote.

Portal Parfums has launched six new candles and Scott’s Flowers on the Square is carrying three of them: London, Golden Age and Christingle.

I love the way candles change the ambiance in my home, so as soon as I left the salon, I headed straight to Scott’s.

The 8-oz candles are displayed at the front of the store along with gorgeous marble and onyx vessels they fit into. (Sold separately.)

I carefully sniffed each scent, trying my best to choose a favorite. Because I just returned from a lovely trip to the city, I purchased London for myself and two as gifts.

I called Fisher as soon as I left the store to tell him how much I loved the candles. He told me that a perfume line is coming soon, so stayed tuned.

Meanwhile, stop by Scott’s Flowers and enjoy the amazing Christmas displays, and while you’re there, pick up one or more of these lovely candles.


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