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This Thanksgiving cactus from Scott’s Flowers is absolutely stunning. Thank you, mom!

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Nothing cheers up a girl like a delivery of flowers.

And on Monday, Scott’s Flowers on the Square delivered a beautiful Thanksgiving cactus right to my doorstep! (And as you can see, it was all dolled up for Christmas!)

This festive arrangement now brightens up my kitchen and has brought a little happiness to a Thanksgiving week that is unlike any we have ever had.

This year we won’t be gathering with our big, extended family, my mom or our sons to celebrate.

Our Turkey Day will be a quiet one, spent at home with just three of us - The Husband, The Daughter and myself.

And this unique arrangement will take center stage on our dining room table as we enjoy a lovely dinner and celebrate all that we are thankful for: Family, friends, good health and an abundance of love.

James Kimbel with Scott’s told me there are actually two different holiday cacti – one for Christmas and another for Thanksgiving.

“The Christmas cactus has rounded stems and blooms later in the winter,” James said, adding that he knows people who have kept their holiday cactus going for decades.

(I’m not sure my thumb is that green, but we’ll see!)

Thank you to the team of Scott’s Flowers for creating this beauty, and a big thank you to my mother for sending it! You made my day.

I love you, mom!


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