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This interventional pain management physician treats source of pain rather than symptoms.

Dr. William Moore

Dr. William Moore worked as a physician for Hamilton Healthcare System a few years ago and has recently made a return in specialty services.

As an interventional pain management physician, a large part of Dr. Moore’s practice involves treating patients with acute and chronic pain associated with the spine.

“What I do is different than a pain management clinic, which focuses on treating pain with medications,” he told Beneath the Surface News. “I am focused on eliminating the source of the pain when possible.”

Dr. Moore discovered a passion for medicine in high school where he excelled in biology and sciences.

“I worked at a local hospital in Laredo when I was in high school and that’s when I knew medicine was something I wanted to pursue,” he said.

Today, Dr. Moore also treats back, nerve and joint pain, herniations and arthritis using a variety of treatments like epidurals, nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablations and injections.

“There are a lot of new treatments for pain that were not available three years ago,” he said, including spinal stenosis, a technique that decompresses the spine using an endoscope and nerve ablations for arthritic pain.

Dr. Moore understands that when his patients come to see him, they are likely not in the best emotional state.

“I deal with a lot of patients in chronic pain who just want it to end,” he said. “I always try to bring them back to the source of the pain, rather than the symptoms.”

Dr. Moore said practicing medicine in Hamilton is not only rewarding for patients who receive great care, but for physicians as well.

“Practicing medicine in Hamilton is enjoyable because people appreciate you, and you are less of a number to the hospital and staff who go out of their way to get me the things I need to provide the best care for my patients,” he said.

Dr. Moore is now taking new patients with appointments available on the second and fourth Thursday of every month.

For more information or to make an appointment, call the Specialty Services Building at Hamilton Healthcare System at 254-386-1524.


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