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This book from my son was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

My son Aaron is an exceptional gift giver, and our shared love of reading means we often give books to one another.

He sent me a copy of The Daily Stoic in July, a book that offers a slice of advice for every day of the year.

A started the book on Aug. 1 – page 230 – with the headline “Don’t go expecting perfection.”

The four short paragraphs packed a powerful punch.

“Today we won’t let our honest understanding of the world stop us from trying to make the best of it. Nor will we let petty annoyances and minor obstacles get in the way of the important job we have to do.”

Each day’s message comes with an easy, meaningful (and short) read, one I have found myself leaning on during particularly stressful days.

Authors Stephen Hanselman and Ryan Holiday procured advice from the ancient Stoics and blended it into a book that offers meditative tidbits of wisdom on the art of living well; happiness, perseverance and personal responsibility.

Today’s topic, Maintain Composure, Maintain Control, reminds us that although life will catch us off guard at times, it’s important to get ahold of yourself quickly and find your way back.

“When forced, as it seems, by circumstances into utter confusion, get a hold of yourself quickly. Don’t be locked out of the rhythm any longer than necessary. You’ll be able to keep the beat if you are constantly returning to it.”

This beautifully written book is full of practical lessons that will help you stay grounded amid the chaos.

You can get a hard copy of The Daily Stoic on Amazon for $16.81 or on Kindle for $11.99.

Gift a copy to yourself or someone you love.


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