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This BIG vote is meaningful for our community. Here’s why.

I am not shy about my opinions and anyone who asks will get an unfiltered version, but I generally keep my circle small and my social media footprint void of my personal beliefs.


Easy, sharing makes people vulnerable and I don’t have much use for an argument with a friend, neighbor, colleague or social media acquaintance because our opinions may differ.

But, I put my kids in a video promoting the upcoming Bond election because this BIG VOTE is meaningful for our community and I can’t make them vulnerable without showing them that I too can advocate for something when the impact is for the greater good.


It will mean something positive to our kids and our community for generations to come.

I was born and raised in Stephenville, Texas, received all of my education in this town; taking dual credit courses from Tarleton while attending SHS, participating in drill team throughout high school, finishing my college education at Tarleton and eventually starting my career and family here.

I have never had an address in any other town, in fact, I have been a property tax paying resident since I was 20 years old.

When that first property tax bill came I paid it without much consideration because that is what home owning adults do right? I will admit I never thought I had much choice in the matter, the services that my taxes go toward are needed and I benefit from them, so why expend too much energy complaining about it.

I don’t agree with how every dime is spent, I don’t with my income tax payments either, but such is life. I would hate to criticize a public servant, because pleasing everyone is an impossible task and the job of doing what benefits the majority is a tough job, that I myself would have a hard time finding the guts to do.

As I got older, I realized my vote could play a role in how my money was spent and even more than the impact of a single vote is the power of advocacy and information sharing. So I voted FOR both the 2012 and 2018 bonds, my children have or will both benefit directly from the previous Bonds that passed and the proposals on this upcoming ballot will directly impact my children as well.

We live in a wonderful community and it is full of people who pour into our youth in many different ways, there isn’t enough gratitude that can be expressed for those in this village that are helping me raise my children, many that will never directly cross their path, but are still supporting them without even realizing it.

So my plea is to the voter that can’t fathom “that kind of money going towards athletics” to really think about what you would be saying YES to; an investment in our kids, an investment in our community, an investment in our future leadership.

This stadium and multipurpose facility will benefit many types of student athletes and as a former SISD student athlete and a current SISD parent, these programs are not just about building athletes, they are building leaders.

A FOR vote shows your support for our youth and the youth for years to come.

So no matter if the hesitation is about the money, possibly cutting out one fast food lunch per month; or the fear of change, just remember that not every return on investment can be fully monetized.


Early Voting begins April 25 and Election Day is May 7.


Kristi McKinney

Proud Stephenville resident, SISD alumni and SISD parent


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