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The Water Shop: New owners expand products, services and kick off February with a pretty sweet deal.

Photo/Dixie J Collections


The Water Shop in Stephenville has been keeping people hydrated by providing purified, delicious water to area residents for 33 years.


The shop has remained in its original location - 625 W. Lingleville Road – since 1991, but that doesn’t mean the business isn’t evolving.


New owners Ricky and Brittany Thurman purchased the shop in January, and while they plan to expand products and services, they say customer satisfaction remains their No. 1 priority.


“We feel so blessed for the opportunity to continue to build on what the Pack family started in 1991, the Haneys continued and the Jacksons have developed over the last 14 years,” Ricky told Beneath the Surface News.

“You can expect the same smiles and impeccable service when you walk through the doors of the shop or see your favorite delivery guy at your home or business.”


The store offers purified and alkaline water full-service filling stations and a 24-hour purified dispenser.


The store began offering alkaline water several months ago and customers can now have it delivered straight to their home or business in Erath, Comanche, Brown, Hood and Somervell counties.


The Water Shop has a full line of water coolers, dispensers and bottles for sale, from economy porcelain water crocks to simple top-load coolers, attractive bottom-load coolers/warmers and coolers with built-in k-cup dispensers so you can enjoy your morning coffee with purified water straight from the bottle.

Customers don’t have to worry about minimum orders or long-term commitments and can cancel service at any time.


The Water Shop is kicking off February with a pretty sweet deal: $50 off Storm Cafe Water with k-cup coffee dispensers.


But here’s the kicker, there’s limited stock available so don’t wait!


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