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The unique scents that are Tarleton State University captured in 2 new fragrances.

After months of testing, two new fragrances that capture the unique scents of Tarleton State University are set to be released to the public for the first time.

Portal Parfums was founded by Tarleton State University alumni Fisher Rinderknecht and Brady Witcher after their infatuation with fragrance and entrepreneurialism collided.

“Since launching Portal Parfums we’ve collaborated with a few other businesses to create custom-scented products,” Fisher told Beneath the Surface News. “Our latest collaboration is extra special to us because we are both Tarleton alumni and Tarleton’s traditions gave us some interesting notes to incorporate into these fragrances.”

Utilizing notes like leather, cedar, smoke, oak, iris, petrichor and sweet grass, Fisher and Brady have captured the essence of Tarleton with two unique scents – 1899 and Bloom.


Top: Aromatic citrus, bonfire smoke

Middle: Leather, cedar

Base: Oak wood

This custom blend perfectly embodies the heritage and interprets the traditions of Tarleton through a complex, rustic fragrance.

A tradition started during the 1920s, the burning of the bonfire occurs on the Friday evening of Homecoming week. Bonfire smoke serves as an iconic top note as the dry down begins to reveal the zesty qualities of aromatic citrus.

Symbolic of hard work, endurance and rodeo heritage, classic leather bestows an earthy heart note.

Oak wood is especially notable on campus, imparting a grounding experience and the exact number of oak trees represent all 254 counties in Texas.

“Interpreting Tarleton through these two fragrant blends has been such a fun journey and we’re already working on more fragranced products utilizing these scents,” Brady said. “We’re so excited to hear what people think, what memories these scents evoke, and, even more so, we’re looking forward to the new memories these fragrances will anchor!”


Top: Violet iris, lemon zest

Middle: Sweet grass, petrichor

Base: Iris root, sandalwood

Tarleton started as a single building in a field of grassburrs and has blossomed into a beautiful campus, nurturing growth for students.

This fragrance interprets the journey from grassy roots to flourishing blooms through a fresh, green blend.

Representing the university’s official flower, the Tarleton Iris, violet iris serves as the powdery floral top note for this blend.

Sweet grass and petrichor, the Earthy smell after rain, contribute green, fresh qualities that temper the forward iris.

Rounding out the fragrance are musky iris root and creamy sandalwood that thoughtfully prune the floral and verdant sharpness.


The perfumes will initially launch in 10ml travel size bottles.

Presale orders are now available here.

Testers and bottles will be available at the Tarleton State University Bookstore and Barefoot Campus Outfitters in Stephenville beginning April 17.


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