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The Stephenville City Council is sending a $21 million bond package to voters in May.

The vote was unanimous. And it was quick.

The Stephenville City Council wasted no time on Tuesday passing a measure to send a more than $21 million bond package to voters in May.

The bond includes five propositions aimed at revitalizing the downtown area.

Mayor Pro Tem Mark McClinton said council members have spent “countless man hours” putting the bond package together.

“We did not take a fast track to get to this point,” McClinton said, adding that many of the items included in the propositions have been a topic of discussion for years.

Voters, he said, “have the ultimate choice here.”


Each proposition will be voted on individually, meaning that voters could opt to pass all or some of the propositions.

A. COMBINED USE FACILITY: This includes the construction of a single facility at Stephenville City Park that will house a new library, senior citizens center and recreation hall with two gymnasiums. PRICETAG: $8 million.

B. DOWNTOWN REVITALIZATION: This project will include improvements and complete reconstruction of brick streets, sidewalk reconstruction, lighting and improvements to the courthouse lawn and downtown plaza.

C. RECONSTRUCTION OF BELKNAP: This project involves a complete reconstruction of Belknap Street from the downtown area to the railroad tracks along with new curbs, sidewalks and additional improvements to underground utilities. (Note: the brick portion of the street will remain brick.)

D. STREET IMPROVEMENTS: This includes making improvements to portions of Cage, Swan First, Second, Fifth and Sixth streets. The proposal correlates with a more than $2.16 million grant the city received from the state to improve the storm water drainage system to these streets.

E. BOSQUE RIVER TRAIL: This project would continue the expansion of the popular hiking, biking and walking trail with the goal of linking it from City Park to the Optimist-Jaycee Park.

Election Day is Saturday, May 1.


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