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The public is invited to meet Grace and Ruffles, Stephenville ISD’s new therapy dogs.

Ruffles and Grace are pictured with Jamie Taylor (left), who is a handler for Hook’s therapy dog Jack, Kathleen Huckabee and Stephanie Traweek.

When a new school year gets underway this fall, Stephenville ISD will welcome two new therapy dogs to its campuses.

The canines are part of Anything’s Paws-ible, a program that uses trained canines to help students deal with stress and anxiety.

Kathleen Huckabee and Stephanie Traweek returned from Buffalo, Texas on Thursday where they learned how to work with Grace, a three-year-old golden retriever.

Kathleen will be Grace’s main handler and Stephanie will step in when she is out of town.

“Grace is just precious; such a good girl,” Kathleen told Beneath the Surface News. “I want the public to get to know her because I will be taking her to places around town.”

Grace will work with students at Stephenville High School.

Ruffles, a nearly two-year-old poodle, will also join the district this fall, although the campus she will be assigned to and her handler have not yet been determined.

The public is invited to a meet-and-greet for Grace and Ruffles at 11:30 a.m. on Monday, June 20, at Beans and Franks.


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