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Take a trip to the beach with these sunshine-y products

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

I spent my summers as a kid vacationing at a beach house in San Diego. We went to the same place every year. It was a three-story bungalow nestled on the bay side of the city.

You had to cross the street to get to the ocean, which is where I spent all of my waking hours.

That house came with a certain smell; a mixture of suntan lotion, sand and happiness I have never forgotten.

And recently, I discovered it in a bottle.

The Daughter and I stopped by Frames Etc. earlier this week to do some browsing and we stumbled upon some hand soap and goat milk lotion made by Simplified called Sunday Beach.

The products are made in Seadrift, Texas.

I opened the bottles for a sniff and was transported back to my childhood when there was nothing better than longs days spent running on the sand next to the Pacific Ocean.

I almost cried.

But I didn’t because that would have embarrassed The Daughter and made things awkward for the store’s owner Julie Lowrance.

Instead I purchased two bottles of everything I could find. (I didn’t want to share.)

If you are looking for something that smells of all things summer, head to Frames Etc. and purchase some Sunday Beach.

The line also comes with refills and an amazing body scrub, which made it home with me as well.


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