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Support local youth in the Junior Livestock Show by taking part in the Chamber’s buyer’s pool.

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

The Stephenville Chamber of Commerce is once again organizing a buyer's pool to help support local youth taking part in next year’s Junior Livestock Show of Erath County.

The Chamber accepts donations as small as $25, with most giving $100 to $500, and some giving more than $1,000.

All donors will be recognized the night of the sale and in the Chamber newsletter. If you would like to take part in the buyer’s pool, click REGISTER NOW.

The “Register Now” button will take you to the member portal, where you can sign in using your username and password (if you have already set that up) or you can simply sign in using your email address.

All funds will be used to support the youth and their animal projects at the market sale.

“Last year we were able to invest over $22,000 in our youth,” said Chamber president July Danley. “We encourage you to think about contributing even a small amount as they all add up. That is why this community is so special - when we work as a team, great things can happen in supporting our youth and recognizing their efforts.”

The Chamber Pool will be used on the market animals which include sheep, steers, swine, poultry, rabbits and goats.

The Junior Livestock Show of Erath County will take place Jan. 4-8.


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