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Stephenville wins grant for $25K from State Farm for its all-inclusive playground.

A rendering of Stephenville's all-inclusive playground.

If you are one of the many people who voted for Stephenville in the State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant program, it’s time to give yourselves a round of applause.

Your votes worked and now Stephenville will receive a $25,000 grant that will be used for the city’s all-inclusive playground.

Phase 1, which will include a swing set with two ADA chairs and two seatbelt swings, and play areas with sensory boards and interactive materials, will be complete by the end of the year.

In an email to Beneath the Surface News, city officials gave a shoutout to State Farm agent Casey Cumby who nominated Stephenville for the grant.

“I am thrilled, both professionally and personally, that our community is one step closer to an accessible playground,” Casey said. “I’m extremely grateful to work for a company that values giving back to our communities.

“As the parent of someone with a physical disability, I fully understand what this means for our community and am delighted at the thought of all children, regardless of physical ability, playing together for years to come.

"Thank you to everyone who voted!”

The dairy-themed playground will be located at Stephenville City Park.


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