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Stephenville Running Club has strong finish in its third year at Cowtown Marathon.

Photo/Julie Brinkley


More than 40,000 runners took part in the largest running event in North Texas last weekend, the Cowtown Marathon, and members of the Stephenville Running Club did exceptionally well.


“This is the club’s third year to participate in this event,” club founder Julie Brinkley told Beneath the Surface News.

“We had runners in all events with the exception of the Ultra Marathon; starting from the kids 5K all the way to the full marathon.”


The Stephenville Running Club was established in 2021.


 “What started as a small group of runners that enjoyed sharing miles is now an amazing community that encourages, supports and fosters motivation for all runners,” Julie said.  “We have truly become a running family.” 


The Cowtown weekend is two days of races.


Several SRC runners participated in the Cowtown Challenge, which consisted of running distances both days.


SRC took home 2nd place most finishers in the adult 5k, 1st place most finishers in the 10k, 1st place most finishers in the half marathon and 3rd place most finishers in the full marathon. 


DPT Physical Therapy is a club sponsor and was on site to assist with post-race stretches. 


SRC is on Facebook as a private group, but welcomes all runners to join. The club hosts weekly meet-ups and a year-long distance challenge. 


The club’s motto is “All paces, faces and races.”



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