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Stephenville police recover 2 stolen vehicles in 48 hours

Stephenville Police Chief Dan Harris


The Stephenville Police Department has had a busy 48 hours, recovering two stolen vehicles in separate incidents.

The first report of a stolen vehicle came from Heartbeat Motors.

“That vehicle was recovered in Fort Worth,” said Stephenville Police Chief Dan Harris said. “We have a suspect in that case that is not yet in custody, but I hope he will be soon.”

A second vehicle was reported stolen hours later by a woman who left her keys inside and the doors unlocked.

“The vehicle was stolen from her residence,” Harris said. “This was a crime of opportunity.”

The vehicle was later recovered on the north side of town with stolen property inside. Investigators are now trying to determine who the stolen property belongs to.

“We are trying to trace where it came from,” Harris said. “We believe some of it may belong to Tarleton students.”

Anyone who believes they may have been the victim of a recent vehicle theft is asked to call the Stephenville Police Department.

Harris is also reminding the public not to take unnecessary chances.

“If you lock your doors and remove your valuables, you have a very good chance of never becoming a victim,” Harris said. “These are crimes of opportunity.”


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