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Stephenville man says he is being considered for Nobel Prize in Physics for innovative water system.

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Philip Alford stands next to his RPG Water Catalyst inside his home-based shop in Stephenville.

Philip Alford continues to quietly make water systems inside his home-based shop in Stephenville while renowned scientists from around the world research the system that could earn him a Nobel Prize in Physics.

Philip learned last fall that he is being considered for the award for his RPG (really pretty good) Water Catalyst he originally developed for environmental cleanup.

That plan began to change about 10 years ago when a series of what he and his wife Glenda call “flukes” led the couple to Idaho where they met Dr. Robert Haralick.

“Dr. Haralick developed the facial recognition software for computers, but his main interest has always been water,” Glenda Alford told Beneath the Surface News during an interview at the couple’s home. “When he saw what Philip was doing with water, he ordered a system for his own home.”

Today, Dr. Haralick calls Philip’s water “medicine” because of its healing properties.

In October 2022, Dr. Haralick made a presentation about the RPG Water Catalyst at the World Water Conference in Germany, and later told Philip that it could win him a nomination for the prestigious award.

"I'm excited that it's gotten this far and that they are finally paying attention," Philip said.

(If he is officially nominated, he will not learn ahead of time because nominees are kept under wraps until they are revealed.)

“Some theorize that all disease is caused by dehydration because if your cells aren’t hydrated, they can’t do their jobs, and that’s why (scientists) are so interested in this water,” Philip said.

Philip’s water is known for its hydrating properties.

During the interview, I sprayed the water on my hand, then instantly wiped it off with a tissue. There was an immediate and stunning difference in the softness of my skin.

Other testimonials from clients who use the system say their cataracts went away after spraying the water into their eyes over a period of time.

Others say they have experienced relief from psoriasis, eczema, bug bites and burns.

Dr. Gerald Pollack, author of “The Fourth Phase of Water,” calls it a “superior grade of structured water” and “medical grade.”

During an experiment in his laboratory where plant cells were observed under a microscope, Dr. Pollack discovered that tap water took eight hours to migrate into the plant cells and only eight seconds for Philip’s water to do the same.

One lab in Italy compared it to the “healing waters of Lourdes” in France.


Philip’s interest in water developed at a young age.

“When I was in diapers, we had a big round tank in the middle of the pasture,” he said. “I had free reign to explore and I noticed that the wildlife would go to one specific area of the tank to drink water.

“It took me about 50 years to figure out why they were doing that.”

Philip discovered that livestock always drink opposite of the prevailing wind.

“Where the prevailing wind is coming in, the water is smooth,” he said. “The little ripples from the other side creates a change in the water that the livestock can smell.”

While studying animal trails on Google Earth, he learned that livestock is drawn to water with some form of movement.

“The movement causes a change in the water that the animals go after,” he said.

With that bit of knowledge, Philip set out to fine tune the RPG system for human consumption.


Philip opened Alford Water Conditioning in Stephenville in 1984, then sold it in 2004.

“I really planned on forgetting water, but I couldn’t,” he joked. “It wouldn’t go away.”

Not long after selling the business, Philip had a heart attack and began researching ways to filter water without using salt or chemicals.

I was already working on a filtration system for environmental cleanup and very early in the journey we discovered a way to capture and contain everything we filtered out of the water by recirculating it,” he said.

It was that discovery that led to today’s RPG Water Catalyst.


Philip could learn if he is nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics as early as this December when the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences meet in Stockholm, Sweden.

“This is brand new science,” Philip said of his system. “They said I’ve discovered a law in physics that no one knows about. The scientists are researching my water and working to corroborate the findings.

“I’m not doing this for the Nobel Prize, I’m doing it for the people it will help.”

In fact, Philip was offered $110 million in 2008 by a company that wanted to purchase the patent for off-shore drilling, but he declined the offer because he didn’t want to limit the system’s reach.

Today, Philip sells the RPG Water Catalyst systems to homes and businesses around the world for $4,000 to $5,750.

You can learn more by visiting or calling 254-485-5869.

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Mike C. Hennech Sr.
Mike C. Hennech Sr.

As my old Granny use to say, "The proof is in the pudding." We use it & it works for us. Try it before you knock it.


Taryn Gibbs
Taryn Gibbs

As someone who got bachelor degrees in chemistry and physics and is currently getting a PhD in a similar field, I'm calling nonsense on this. There's no way his claims are all true, he's almost certainly adding something to the water. He claims his systems need no replacement or maintenance and also that it can "stop blood flow on contact" and does not use chemicals or water softners. I'd love to see a peer reviewed analysis on his "miracle water"

Holly Oliver
Holly Oliver

Stupid fucking dems ! Something new is found every day .

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