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Spring fever is coming to Clark Gardens with month-long celebration of wellness, art, horticulture.

Clark Gardens Botanical Park

WEATHERFORD - Clark Gardens Botanical Park is hosting a month-long celebration of wellness, art, horticulture and farming at its Grow at Clark Gardens event in March.

Each week of March, Clark Gardens will highlight nature-based activities while encouraging healthy lifestyles through a variety of classes and demonstrations.

“We are thrilled to host an event designed to enrich the lives of our local residents and tourists through a variety of fun, hands-on activities all month long,” Clark Gardens assistant director Ansley McEntire said. “We hope Grow at Clark Gardens will become deeply rooted in our community.”

Wellness Week will be held from March 1-11 and will feature everything from yoga and relaxing creativity practices to healthy cooking.

Art Week will be held from March 12-18and will give participants a hands-on art experience through a variety of crafts, including photography, painting and needlework.

The art exhibit, Dream in Bloom, will also be on display from March 1-June 5.

Horticulture Week, March 19-25, will sharpen attendees’ gardening skills through courses that will provide tips on planting for pollinators, native plants, cutting gardens, enriching soils and so much more to get your garden growing.

Backyard Farming Week, March 26-31, will feature local farming experts as they dish out secrets to vegetable gardens, aquaponics, rain collection, composting and other practices.

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Forest Gamp
Forest Gamp
Apr 26

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