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SISD board of trustees appoints former member to fill unexpired term of Place 4.

Dr. Ed Dittfurth

The Stephenville ISD Board of Trustees on Monday voted to appoint former board member Dr. Ed Dittfurth to fill the unexpired term of Place 4 through May 2024.

Luke Sims resigned from the place earlier this month citing time constraints.

After the resignation, the board had 180 days to either appoint someone to temporarily fill the position or hold a special election.

“We talked about several different options,” board president Chad Elms told Beneath the Surface News. “We were told by our attorney that a special election would cost anywhere from $30,00 to $40,000 and we didn’t feel good about spending that kind of money from district funds.”

Elms said the board purposely opted to appoint someone who is not interested in running for a position on the school board.

“We didn’t want to sway the public or have it appear as though the board was endorsing someone,” Elms said. “This gives the public time to digest the current situation and decide who they want to put in that spot next year.

“It also gives qualified candidates time to decide if they want to run in May of 2024.”

Dittfurth was elected to the school board and served two terms before deciding to not seek re-election. He has since filled in after Scott Osmon resigned from the board.

"I love our community and I love kids - and even though mine our out of the school system - I will always be grateful for SISD and what it meant to our kids," Dittfurth said.


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