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Shoutout to Iron Horse Plumbing (and a couple of others that saved the day.)

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

It’s been a frustrating couple of weeks, you guys.

Like many of you, the recent winter storm left a trail of destruction at our home.

Aside from thousands of dollars of damage to our swimming pool equipment, our home sprang a couple of leaks that have given us a humungous headache that was finally alleviated today when Iron Horse Plumbing arrived at our front door.

Here’s the quick version of the last 10 days: Hours after our pipes thawed from the freeze, water began streaming out of a wall inside a half-bathroom and pooling inside our garage near a water softener.

It was suspected that the problems were caused by ruptured underground pipes and we were advised to call a leak detection company out of Fort Worth (there isn’t one locally).

Four days later, a couple of their plumbers arrived at our home, and after about 30 minutes, informed me that they couldn’t detect the source of either leak.

They determined that the leak inside the garage was coming from a damaged water softener and that the one inside the bathroom had sealed itself.

Then they charged me $518 and left.

The mess that is our garage.

Fast forward to today: Robert from Alford’s Water Conditioning arrived to check the water softener and discovered a leak inside a wall.

(So big kudos to Robert for finding a problem that a specialized company from Fort Worth could not).

I then called our ace insurance agent Ricky Thurman with Texas Farm Bureau Insurance and he advised me to call a local plumbing company to check out our leaky garage.

Despite his valiant attempt at putting me at ease, my blood pressure was through the roof, the anxiety over the cost of this disaster was making me sick and I was on the verge of a full-blown ugly girl cry.

I called Iron Horse Plumbing and a short time later they arrived on my doorstep only to be greeted by a very cranky homeowner.

They listened to me gripe and say a few choice words, then immediately got to work.

A short time later, they found and repaired two leaks inside the garage and replaced damaged equipment.

They were professional, quick and courteous and didn’t appear to be rattled by my earlier diatribe (which I apologized for).

I am so thankful to finally be making some headway on these repairs and I am extra grateful for Iron Horse Plumbing.

This company is a reminder why local is always better.

Thanks to Iron Horse Plumbing, Alford’s Water and Ricky Thurman and his team at Texas Farm Bureau Insurance for helping us put our home back together again.

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Forest Gamp
Forest Gamp
Feb 01

A huge shoutout to Iron Horse Plumbing for their outstanding service and expertise! They truly saved the day when we encountered plumbing issues at both our residential and commercial properties. Their dedication to quality workmanship and prompt response made all the difference. Special thanks also to Nuru Plumbing, particularly Nuru Darayni, for their exceptional services in installation, repair, and maintenance. Nuru Plumbing, a company specializing in plumbing solutions for residential and commercial spaces, proved to be reliable and efficient in addressing our plumbing needs. It's reassuring to have such skilled professionals like Iron Horse Plumbing and Nuru Plumbing to rely on when unexpected challenges arise.

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