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Scammers pretending to be Erath County sheriff’s officials bilk woman out of $1,500.


Chief Deputy Jeremy Woodruff with the Erath County Sheriff’s Office is furious after speaking to a woman this morning who had been taken for $1,500 by scammers pretending to be him.


Woodruff said the department has received several complaints over the past couple of days from residents claiming they have received calls from scammers pretending to be sheriff’s officials demanding money.


On Wednesday, the scammers finally scored.


“They spoofed the number of the sheriff’s office and pretended to be me. They told a woman that she had missed a grand jury meeting and there was a warrant out for her arrest,” Woodruff told Beneath the Surface News.


The scammers instructed the victim to purchase a $1,500 gift card from CVS to avoid going to jail.


“I am so angry right now,” Woodruff said. “They were yelling and screaming and demeaning her; they had her scared to death.”


“When I met with her this morning, she was visibly distraught.”


Woodruff said other would-be victims reported that the scammers also used the name of jail administrator captain Danny Clayton and “Deputy Styles.”  

“We have no idea who the scammers are and are reaching out to the FBI to see if they can assist us with the investigation,” Woodruff said. “We don’t want this to happen to anyone else.”


Woodruff is reminding the public that sheriff’s officials will never, for any reason, demand money from citizens.


“If anyone else receives a call like this, don’t give them any money and come down to the sheriff’s office to see us in person,” Woodruff said.



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