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Saint-Gobain Abrasives donates $10k to local fire departments.

The difficulty local firefighters have faced in recent days was made easier Tuesday when Saint-Gobain Abrasives presented the Erath County Firefighters Association with a $10,000 check.

“We want to ensure our local fire departments have the funds they need to be successful,” plant manager Dan Villarreal told Beneath the Surface News.

The money will be divided among Erath County fire departments and used to purchase fuel and replace worn and damaged tires and other protective equipment.

Hilary Stephans, HR manager at Saint-Gobain Abrasives, said many of the company’s employees work as volunteer firefighters and the donation was a show of support.

“The firefighters of Erath County thank the citizens, businesses and outside supporters,” said Dallas Sims, president of the Erath County Firefighters Association. “It is because of you that we are able and want to do what we do.”


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