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Rita Cook understands the educational system, financial challenges facing school districts.

Dr. Rita Cook

I enthusiastically support Dr. Rita Cook for the Stephenville Independent School Board, Place 6. Having grown up in Stephenville, Rita knows the heartbeat of our community.

Rita’s leadership skills, innovative and independent thinking are easily recognized characteristics that make her a highly respected member of the community. Her vested interest in the community is deeply rooted and a sign of stability.

Rita’s impressive academic credentials include being a graduate of SHS, two degrees from TSU and a doctorate in Educational Administration from Kansas State University.

Rita’s proven track record of successful achievements in the field of education showcase her broad range of talents. She has certainly proven herself as a strong educational leader serving in various and diverse leadership capacities from teaching in the classroom to serving as a successful superintendent at the administrative level.

Rita understands how the educational system works, the financial challenges school districts are facing and the importance of focusing on and keeping our students the number one priority. Keeping students safe and providing students the educational opportunities that will ensure a successful and productive future is the goal for all Stephenville graduates.

Rita is quick to tell anyone that EVERY student counts!

Rita has a strong belief in hands-on community involvement. She actively serves on multiple and various organizations and boards in Stephenville. Rita’s leadership skills are synonymous with successful outcomes.

I currently serve with Rita on the board of 50 Women Strong, a philanthropic organization that provides grants to organizations in Erath County. As president of the organization, Rita’s varied and diverse talents and ideas have been a tremendous asset to the success of the organization.

Experience and longevity help provide a solid foundation for a strong school district. Rita’s career in education and background in community service provides that essential experience.

If given the opportunity, Rita will provide and build on her past successes and good common sense while helping build a continued, stronger course for the future of Stephenville Independent School District.

Choosing the right school board members is imperative in dictating the direction our district moves in educating our students.


Thank you,

Metta Collier


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