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Ring in the new year with a golden glow by the spray experts at Tahiti Tan.

It only took me 20 minutes to lose 10 pounds on Thursday.

A quick visit to Tahiti Tan for a custom spray left me feeling all goldy and glowy - and much skinnier than when I walked inside.

You see, I have a theory: Tan fat looks better than white fat, which is why, after indulging in too much eggnog this holiday season, I was feeling pasty and a little fluffy.

With plans to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Fort Worth on Saturday, a spray tan was in order.

Hannah Harbin is the Tahiti Tan employee trained in customized spray tans, and let me tell you, she knows her stuff.

For just $50 she will spray you from head to toe, leaving your skin beautifully bronzed and looking like you just vacationed in the Caribbean.

“A lot of people don’t realize we offer custom spray tans,” Tahiti Tan owner Kayla Vanden Berge told Beneath the Surface News.

(And if you’re wondering, Kayla is my sister-in-law; hence the matching last name.)

Kayla also said that double and triple dipping is a real thing in the tanning world.

“Double dipping means that a person does red light or a short UV session before they spray and triple is doing all three,” she said. “Tanning prior to sunless helps open the pores and kickstart melanin production. The sunless solution actually bonds with the melanin in your skin so it helps speed up and enhance the development of a spray tan.

“Some customers choose to UV tan after instead so their spray dries quicker. However, you only want a quick UV session, because you don’t want to sweat. That could cause your spray to be uneven. And if you tan after a spray, you can only go in the standup bed.” She added that red light therapy prior to a spray helps balance the skin’s pH levels and opens pores to allow for a more even tan.

Tahiti Tan offers a rapid tanning solution, which allows you to shower after just one hour. That’s what I get and absolutely love it, although I usually wait a few hours before showering.

If you fall on the shy side and prefer the privacy of the VersaSpa, the automated spray tan booth is $40 per session.

Schedule your appointment by calling 254-965-5777.


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