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Registered sex offender shot in face; suspect id’d after he went to home of another sex offender.

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Charles Broyles

A man has been arrested in connection with the shooting of a registered sex offender living with his mother in the 300 block of Morgan Mill Road in Erath County.

Captain Jeremy Lanier with the Stephenville Police Department said the shooting took place about 9:45 p.m. Sunday.

“The victim was shot once in the face and was transported by air to a Fort Worth hospital, where he remains in unknown condition,” Lanier told Beneath the Surface News.

The victim could not identify his attacker, but here’s where things get really weird.

As police launched an intense investigation to find the shooter, the department received a call from the home of another registered sex offender in Stephenville stating that an unknown male wearing a mask and gloves was knocking on his front door.

The suspect, identified as 30-year-old Charles Austin Broyles, was taken into custody.

When asked if Broyles was out targeting sex offenders, Lanier said, “That’s definitely a concern.”

Lanier said Broyles is no stranger to police.

He has a criminal history dating back to 2015 and has been charged over the years with criminal trespass, assault, public intoxication and possession of marijuana.

Broyles is being held at the Erath County Jail on a $250,000 bond.


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