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Ready for the total solar eclipse? Make sure you have the proper eyewear.

Updated: Apr 5


My dad was an amateur astronomer.


He loved studying the universe and could tell you about the stars and planets and how it all worked.

Unfortunately, I didn’t soak up that knowledge before he passed, but I did inherit his interest, which is why I am so excited for Monday, April 8.


That’s the day (in case you haven’t heard) that there will be the first total eclipse in Texas since 1878.


In fact, Texas will sit center stage when the moon begins to block the sun, causing a total eclipse that will start at 1:30 p.m. near Del Rio and trace a line northeast across the entire state.

According to Tarleton State University, totality in Stephenville will be reached at approximately 1:39 p.m.


Experts are warning the public not to try to glimpse the eclipse without the proper eyewear, so I purchased a 10-pack of Medical King solar eclipse glasses from Amazon for $14.99.


They arrived in just one day so there is still plenty of time to order yours.


 I mean, you don’t want to miss your chance of seeing this eclipse and you shouldn’t burn up your eyeballs trying to do it.


Get yourself a safe pair of glasses because you won’t get a chance to see another total solar eclipse until 2044.




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