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Ranger College’s EMS program receives new training equipment for students; next course begins July.

Ranger College EMS Program Coordinator J.D. Gambino and Dr. Sandra Lee.

Ranger College’s EMS program has become the recipient of a grant from the Texas Workforce Commission that provided new state-of-the-art equipment, including a mobile ambulance simulator, to train EMS students.

“This equipment takes our EMS program to the next level,” said Dr. Sandra Lee, R.C.’s dean of allied health. “I am particularly excited about the opportunities to develop scenarios and applications for all our allied health programs and help students learn to work with each other across disciplines.”

The EMS program provides the highest level of education to help fill the ever-growing need for qualified professionals in the EMS industry.

The new training equipment sets the program apart by placing students in real-world emergency situations.

Ranger’s EMS program provides a 20-week hybrid instruction that combines weekly online coursework with in-person class from 6-10 p.m. every Tuesday in Stephenville.

The total cost for the program, including course material, is $2,200.

Grants are available for qualified students willing to work in the EMS field for a minimum of one year after graduation.

The next EMT Basic class begins on July 18.

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