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Our new pellet smoker makes the perfect cauliflower pizza. And the process is pretty fun too!

The weekend is here and for us that means homemade cauliflower pizza on The Husband’s new obsession – a pellet smoker.

He did an eye-rolling amount of research before making the purchase, and while I wasn’t wild about adding a fourth cooking device to our back patio, I have to admit: That sucker makes a mean cauliflower pizza.

After smoking steaks, ribs and pork shoulders to perfection, The Hubs decided he wanted to try something different, so we hauled out the Pit Boss pizza stone (you need this) and got to work.

We buy our favorite cauliflower crust from Costco, which comes with a low sugar sauce, but you can purchase it from HEB as well.

Making these pizzas on the pellet smoker has turned out to be a whole lot of fun, especially on a sunshine-y day.

Here’s how we made ours:

Sauté your veggies of choice with olive oil cooking spray; I use onion, green bell pepper and mushrooms.

While they’re cooking, prepare the pizza crust with sauce (not too much or it will get soggy).

Meanwhile, the pellet smoker should be heating up with the pizza stone.

When the veggies are cooked to your liking, add them to the pizza crust along with turkey pepperoni and low-fat mozzarella cheese.

The Husband popped the pizza into the smoker with mesquite pellets for 12 minutes and it was serious perfection!

It’s not Caam’s or The Pizza Place, but it satisfies those pizza cravings with a homemade bit of fun.

On a pretty day, enjoy eating your homemade pizza outside!


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