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OPINION: Why you should vote for Magan Estill in the race for Stephenville ISD board of trustees.

We as voters will soon be faced with one of the most important elections at a local level, that of Stephenville ISD Board of Trustees.


As a parent, former teacher and taxpayer in Stephenville ISD, I wholeheartedly support Magan Estill for Place 2.


Voting for Magan is critical for our children, our teachers and our community, as trustees make the decisions that shape our community.


I believe you should support Magan Estill because:


She has strong ties to SISD from raising 3 children in the district.


She is linked to our community as the Director of Faith School.


She has worked in our schools, seeing firsthand areas to help children

and parents.


She is passionate about her work.


She is a proven leader, researcher, and advocate.


She knows how to work with children and parents.


She has common sense.

She understands the conservative values of our community.


She is innovative in her strategies and thinking.


Before casting your ballot, please research who Magan is and why she would be the best choice.

She is sincere in her servant leadership.


On May 4 we could make a difference in our community and the lives of our students, parents, teachers, and community.


Please join me and vote FOR Magan Estill, Place 2, SISD School Board.




Christin Pack,

Stephenville, Texas



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