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OPINION: The reasons I support Tina Virgin for Stephenville City Council.

I am writing this letter in support of Tina Virgin who is running for Stephenville City Council. I have known Tina since 2008 and she has been extremely active in service to our community.

She has been active in fundraising opportunities and has enthusiastically participated in Christian-based mission work through providing medical care to underserved populations in various areas. 

She established the Community Health Council which involved monthly interactions with community members to delve into the needs of our community.

Prior to establishing the council, she conducted a needs assessment of Erath County. Under her leadership, the Community Health Council developed a Distracted Driver Program which was held at the park and provided information to the community, working with Public Safety and law enforcement.

They were able to provide a simulator which demonstrated the effects of taking your eyes off the road even for a second.

Also under Tina's leadership, a subcommittee of the Community Health Council developed a Resource Guide for Stephenville. The booklet was given to churches, United Way, Tarleton, and business owners.

They also developed cards for community members to access the Resource Guide online. She was recognized by the Erath County United Way at their annual luncheon for her work and time spent collaborating with other community members to develop the Resource Guide.

The guide continues to be an ongoing resource for residents within Stephenville and Erath County as well as surrounding areas. 

Another project that evolved from Tina's leadership with the Community Health Council was the discussion and realization that many students in the community did not have access to enough food..

Through the work of council members and the Tarleton State University community council member, a Food Pantry evolved and is led by this member. This pantry continues to provide needs for college students. 

Currently, Tina is interested in helping to make the Senior Center more welcoming and safer. She is interested in working on the City Council to help organize programs and activities for kids of all ages including her grands.

She is actively engaged and supportive of her children and grandchildren with sports and activities participated within Stephenville. Alongside her goal of making Stephenville an even better place for her family, she advocates for activities for persons of all ages while promoting and supporting growth within the community. 

Tina has proven to be a strong leader and is passionate about working with the Erath County residents to make our community an even better place to work, live and raise our families. I hope she can count on your vote


Kerry Parkinson 




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