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Oh deer! The VBs get a Mother’s Day visitor.

This friendly deer shows up on occasion. And we love it.


I was curled up on the couch working on my second cup of coffee this Mother’s Day morning when The Husband called me outside.

“We have a visitor,” he said.

Pay no mind to The Husband's bed head.

One of our old friends had reappeared in our front yard; a friendly deer we first met last summer during a relatively large pool party we were having.

The deer isn’t shy.

He (or she) showed up to the party uninvited, and to our guests’ delighted surprise, began mingling.

It stayed for a couple of hours, nibbling on our landscaping and happily posing for pictures.

We called the phone number on its collar (yes, it’s someone’s pet) and were told the deer would head home about dusk.

And just as the sun started to set, the deer quietly wandered back to its home.

How’s that for country living?

It returned one morning a few weeks later while we sat outside drinking coffee, but we hadn’t seen it since – until Mother’s Day.

I think it’s a sign that a good day lies ahead.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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