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Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes has an ending so twisty it will linger with you for days.

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

I have a love/hate relationship with thrillers.

It’s all fun and games until I sense something bad is about to happen and I have to bolt from the room.

Although I never broke into a sprint while devouring Netflix’s latest miniseries – Behind Her Eyes - I did throw the covers over my head a couple of times.

This thriller isn’t the slasher kind, but it does come with an ending so shocking that it will linger with you for days after the final credits roll.

Behind Her Eyes is a six-episode series adapted from a novel by Sarah Pinborough. (We blew through it in two nights.)

It’s the story of an affair between Louise and her boss David, a psychologist whose marriage to Adele is in shambles.

The affair is complicated by Louise’s friendship with Adele, which David is totally unaware of, but quickly morphs into a supernatural thriller that won’t fully come together until the final moments of episode six.

So stick with it.

Much of the storyline includes some of what you might expect from a similar tale: Lust, a couple of graphic sex scenes (so don't watch with the kids or grandma) and snapshots of a marriage in serious trouble.

But something weird begins to reveal itself about halfway through the series and that’s when you need to put down the popcorn and focus.

Don’t bother trying to figure out what's really going on because you won’t, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Behind Her Eyes culminates in an ending that’s so shocking, I actually sat straight up in bed and screamed, “What the heck?!”

Except “heck” wasn’t the four-letter word I used.

If you need a heaping dose of edge-of-your-seat entertainment, Behind Her Eyes is just what you're looking for.


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