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Move over Willy Wonka, this Huckabay family is making delicious freeze-dried candy.


A Huckabay-based family turned candy makers is churning out some unusually delicious sweets.


Buddy Bowman and his family own Forgotten Trail Farm Candy, which makes freeze-dried candy.

The company opened in October 2022 and have gotten so busy that they have purchased additional machines to keep up with the demand.


Most of their freeze-dried creations are made with popular candy like Skittles (Skidattles), Red Hots (CinnaBOMBS), Jolly Rangers (Happy Cowboys), Lemonheads (Yellow Bellies), Airheads (Space Cowboys) and gummy peach rings (Just Peachy).


They also make freeze-dried peanut brittle and ice cream sandwiches.

“We are always trying new things,” Buddy told Beneath the Surface News. “Right now we are experimenting with Snickers and Jell-O.”


The family, which consists of Buddy’s mom Jennifer, dad Chris and sister Becca, make their creations in the company’s commercial-licensed kitchen just north of Huckabay.


The candy can be ordered on the website or purchased at The Water Shop and University Flowers in Stephenville, Morgan Mill Mail, B&B Country Store in Huckabay, Gilbert Pecan Co., and soon, Lingleville Country Store.


When it comes to customer favorites, Buddy says most people first try (and fall in love with) the Skittles, then Airheads.


“But my favorite is the peanut brittle,” he said.


For Valentine’s Day, the company developed a special candy made from strawberry marshmallows.


“We dried the marshmallows to something similar to Lucky Charms and dipped them in chocolate and sprinkles,” Buddy said. “We also have jars of freeze-dried CinnaBOMBS and Sweetarts, which you can buy at The Water Shop.”


The family says they are continuing to expand their unique creations at locations across Texas and plan to make their debut this year at the Larry Joe Taylor Music Festival.


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, give this local company a try.


















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