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Members of Stephenville Boxing Club bring home the gold last weekend.

Members of Stephenville Boxing Club competed last weekend in the DFW Regional Junior Olympic, the second largest tournament of the year next to the Golden Gloves.

The tournament was held in Garland and coach Elias Medina said he couldn’t be any prouder of his competitors.

Making history in Stephenville was Marcus “The Hawk” Gonzales and Matthew “Puma” Needham who brought home the gold for the first time.

Mark “Kid Dynamite” Dolloff brought home Silver for the first time as well and Izick “Motormouth” Garcia made it to the semifinals.

“Having two gold medalists and one silver was very special,” Elias told Beneath the Surface News. “This is only the beginning for Stephenville, the Stephenville Boxing Club and these boys.”


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