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Mayor Doug Svien will provide the necessary leadership to secure our community’s continued success.

Mayor Doug Svien and Kenny Weldon

Elections are important and so is your vote.

The upcoming local election will determine the leadership of our community and entrust, to a few, the stewardship of our tax dollars. The right to cast a vote is the foundation of our freedom and your vote will determine who will be given the responsibility to lead.

Mayor Doug Svien has done a wonderful job over the past four years, guiding the council and supporting our community.

For these reasons and more, I’m asking you to vote and re-elect Doug Svien for mayor of Stephenville.

He will provide our community with the leadership necessary to secure our community’s continued success. He has a proven record of success, is fiscally conservative, and most importantly, Doug has a tireless passion to serve the citizens of Stephenville.

I first gained respect for Mayor Svien’s commitment to our community during my six years of service as mayor of this great town. Doug was a member of the city council during this period and I witnessed, first hand, his high level of integrity and outstanding work ethic for our citizens.

Since his election as Mayor in 2018, he has taken a major lead and has been instrumental in guiding Stephenville to become a better place to live and work.

He is definitely man of his word and a hard-working, gifted leader.

He has the ability to look at a situation, analyze it and the ability to see the outcome. And most importantly, he has produced results for our community.

I have gained respect and admiration for Mayor Svien’s superior leadership abilities. I’ve seen those skills represented in a variety of situations locally, including:

• keeping property taxes low;

• promoting a positive business climate (Hobby Lobby, Old Navy, Chick-fil-A, etc.);

• improving infrastructure through the creation of tax increment financing districts;

• preserving our local public safety, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Svien’s record of achievement in business and in public service is exemplary.

His integrity, work ethic and diverse experiences combine to make him a highly qualified mayor. I appreciate Mayor Svien offering his considerable talents to serve another term as mayor.

For those of you in the community who know Doug, he is a man of truthfulness and committed to the success of Stephenville. We are fortunate he is willing to serve our community.

Again, your vote is important.

Please take time and vote in the election, early voting begins April 25–April 29, May 2-3 and Election Day is Saturday, May 7.

Kenny Weldon,

Former mayor, City of Stephenville


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