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Mayor Doug Svien endorses Shelby Slawson in race for Texas House. Here’s the letter he sent her.

Shelby Slawson

Dear Shelby,

I am writing both to congratulate you on your strong first-place finish in the March 3rd Republican Primary Election for the Texas House of Representatives in District 59 and to let you know that I am officially endorsing your campaign in the July 14th Republican Primary run-off.

On March 3rd, Republicans in House District 59 spoke loudly, and expressed, by their votes, they felt it was time for a change.

During the Primary campaign you worked hard, connected with voters, mobilized the grassroots, and won the people’s support. While I have always been impressed with your passion, sense of purpose, and work ethic, I became even more so as I watched you campaign across the district.

On March 3rd, when the ballots were counted, you had won in each and every county in the district by large margins and had clearly demonstrated you were the people’s choice.

As Mayor, I always try to listen to the people of Stephenville and Erath County. I place tremendous faith in their opinions.

Just as the voters had done in the other seven counties of District 59, on Tuesday, March 3rd, the people of Erath County and the City of Stephenville made their voices crystal clear and strongly expressed you were their choice to be State Representative.

I have listened to them and I want you to know that you are my choice as well and that I will be working hard to ensure your victory in the Republican run-off on July 14th. I encourage everyone to join me in doing so.

Shelby, you will be a great State Representative for District 59, Erath County, and Stephenville.

I look forward to working closely with you in the coming weeks and months as you finish your campaign and begin to prepare for your service in the 87th Texas Legislature.

With your election, I am confident we will have a strong, consistent conservative voice in our state’s capital representing our interests.


Mayor Doug Svien


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