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Man pleads guilty to aggravated assault after crashing into vehicle while fleeing from police.

Donald Goodwin

Donald Goodwin was expected to go on trial Monday morning in the 266th Judicial District Court to answer to the allegation that, while fleeing from police last year, he struck another vehicle, injuring a woman and four young occupants.

But before a jury could be seated, Donald Goodwin pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated assault and will face punishment on Feb. 14, according to Erath County district attorney Alan Nash, who declined to comment on the case.

According to the arrest affidavit obtained by Beneath the Surface News, Goodwin was fleeing from police just before 7 p.m. on March 14, 2022 in a Dodge Ran dually when he struck a Hyundai driven by Lucia Alanis.

Goodwin was driving approximately 50 mph when he struck Alanis’ vehicle from behind, injuring the driver and four others, the affidavit states.

Two months later, Goodwin was arrested in Brown County for evading arrest with a watercraft, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, possession of a controlled substance and causing bodily injury to a family member.


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