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Make your sheets smell like summer with this fancy linen wash I picked up from Julianne’s.

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Doing laundry doesn’t top my list of favorite things to do, but it is a necessary evil we all have to get done.

But at night I do love slipping into satiny sheets that smell exceptionally good, which is why I was so excited to discover this linen wash at Julianne’s.

It’s laundry detergent for those who like to feel fancy. And who doesn’t like fancy?

Le Blanc luxury laundry care comes in several fragrances (Julianne’s carries lavender and summer verbena).

Although I love the scent of lavender, I couldn’t resist buying the summer verbena.

The mild citrus scent is subtle, but strong enough to freshen up my bedroom after using it to wash the sheets.

A large 64-oz. jug is $34, but a little goes a long way. To make it last longer, I only use it on my bedding, sheets and blankets we snuggle up with on the couch.

Julianne’s also carries smaller sizes as well as dryer sachets.

You can, of course, purchase Le Blanc’s linen wash online, but why would you?

It’s always better to shop local, so head to Julianne’s right off the Erath County Courthouse square and bring the smell of lemon-y sunshine into your home.


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