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Make your home smell like fall with these Fragrance Flowers. Think toasted acorn and orchard apple.

Ahhh. The smell of fall…

I don’t care that it’s still 90 degrees outside, the inside of our home is going to smell like it’s 60.

There is no cozier season; shorter days and cooler temperatures whisper that the holidays are approaching and it’s time to bring out the scarves and boots.

I even like candy corn.

And now that all things summer have been securely packed away until next season, life at the VB’s is about pumpkins and spice and everything nice, which is why you need Scentsy’s fall Fragrance Flower.

Think toasted acorn and oak and orchard apple and spice. If the smell of fall could be bottled, this would be it.

Each Fragrance Flower is handcrafted, so no two are exactly alike and they are so pretty you will want to display them in a prominent spot in your home or office.

Mine are in my living and formal dining rooms.

I even got one for my daughter’s apartment because she loves this time of year as much as I do.

The Fragrance Flowers also come in Christmas scents, so place your orders soon!


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