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Local weight loss coach partners with BTS News to share recipes, health and wellness tips.


Like so many others, my story begins as a busy, working mom and wife.

In 2016 I paused long enough to realize I had become complacent at 203 pounds. But let's don't edit the story; we have to go back a little further.

In 2012 as a tired educator, depressed mom of three and a not-so-great wife, I began to ignore my weight. Seriously! I did not even own a scale.

You would have gotten rid of yours as well. I was 220 pounds! I was miserable and sadness had clouded every ounce of motivation I might have had to improve my health.

Over the next four years, I fought hard to find my joy, heal a marriage and never looked back.

I was determined to be a fit healthy mom. I joined workout groups, started running with fellow teachers and did every single "quick fix" diet available.

I struggled to improve my fitness because my nutrition hadn't changed.

Over the next four years, a lot happened. I started to believe in myself, my potential and I raised the bar.

In 2016, I had an amazing health coach that helped me lose 46 additional pounds through better nutrition and a weight loss plan.

The pounds lost were amazing but what I gained in determination far exceeded the pounds or pant sizes.

I found myself reaching new goals that seem impossible before. In 2018 I completed my first marathon and I have run dozens of half marathons.

Weight loss opened up a whole new future for me and I became passionate about helping others find their motivation to change.

I have now been a weight loss coach for four years, but I really prefer “motivator.”

I love to remind people of their potential. From a dieting perspective, yes, I work for a major weight loss company. Yes, it helps to have a plan that will expedite weight loss through nutrition. No, the product I sell isn't the most important part.

Providing education, support and accountability is my most valuable commodity. I hope to share with you some exciting new ways to look at healthy cooking.

My motto to my clients has always been, "I want this journey to be about realizing what amazing food we CAN eat instead of the few things we can't."

I have now retired from teaching in public schools to pursue my passion as a weight loss coach, my husband and I took our marriage to a new healthy level, I am completely addicted to my new favorite hobby of running, and most importantly my children will have seen and now know what it takes to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Learn more about Julie Brinkley on Facebook and Instagram @motivationwithbrink or call her at 254-485-9987.


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