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Last day filings shake up the race for Stephenville City Council. Here’s what happened.

Updated: Feb 17


Two candidates filing to run for Stephenville City Council just hours before the deadline on Friday changed the course of two races.


Former city councilman Alan Nix filed Friday morning to run for place 8, setting up a matchup between him and Dr. Tina Virgin.  


Place 8 is currently held by Mark McClinton who did not file for re-election.


“After two excellent and experienced council members elected not to run again, I believe my past experience and knowledge of the city will help us as we grow and move forward as a community,” Nix told Beneath the Surface News.


On Friday afternoon Dean Parr filed to challenge Bob Newby for place 4.


“I’ve wanted to do something for a long time that would make a difference in our community and I think the city council could use some new ears and new eyes,” Parr said

Here’s a look at how the other Stephenville City Council races played out:


Stephenville Mayor Doug Svien and David Baskett, place 6, will both serve another term after going unchallenged.  


Former councilman Gerald Cook will step into place 2 currently held by Justin Haschke who did not seek re-election.


There were no last-minute filings in the race for Stephenville ISD.


Dr. Robert Barberee, place 1, and board president Chad Elms, place 3, will both serve another term after going unopposed.


Rick Gann, Dr. Rita Cook and Magan Estill are all in the race for place 2 currently held by Sherrie Evans who did not seek re-election.


Douglas Young will join the board in place 4 after becoming the only candidate to file for the open seat.


Election Day is Saturday, May 4.



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