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Johnny and June Mercantile opens in downtown Stephenville. (And there’s a hat bar.)

Updated: May 9, 2022

Johnny and June Mercantile is located in the historic First National Bank building in Stephenville.

As if Chef Mike and Melanie Newton aren’t busy enough…

The couple, who own and operate Newton’s Cellar and Saddlerack in Stephenville, have invested in another downtown business on the Erath County courthouse square.

Located inside the historic First National Bank building across from Newton’s Cellar, Johnny and June Mercantile is now open.

Melanie is overseeing the boutique, which features men and women’s clothing and home décor.

“We are bringing the finest Western lifestyles products to Stephenville with brands like BuddyLove, Double D Ranch, Pendleton, Scully and Tasha Polizzi,” she told Beneath the Surface News. “There’s so much potential in downtown Stephenville and we want to bring something different to the area.”

One of the unique features you’ll find at Johnny and June is a custom hat bar with an assortment of American Hat Makers, straw and western “fashion hats” and fedoras.

“Customers can come in, purchase a hat or bring in their own to embellish,” Melanie said.

The boutique also carries purses (and will soon add repurposed Louis Vuitton bags to its collection), BruMate fashion Yetis and exquisite home décor by Jan Barboglio.

Melanie is focused on making the retail experience fun for everyone by offering tokens for beer and wine to those who may be less enthusiastic shoppers (like The Husband).

“We will give them a token and they can go across the street to Newton’s Saddlerack and have a drink,” she said.

Johnny and June will be open from Tuesday through Saturday.


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