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If you enjoy Pinterest, you'll love this new business opening on the iconic Erath County Courthouse.

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Amanda Mills with a project that will be featured at Pinspiration Stephenville opening on the Erath County Courthouse square in May.


I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard people wish out loud for more interesting places to visit on the Erath County Courthouse square.

They want a little entertainment on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon centered around our iconic courthouse.

Turns out Amanda Mills thought the same thing.

After a longtime career as a local gymnastics coach, Amanda is opening Pinspiration Stephenville, a unique craft studio geared to people of all ages.

“This is a DIY (do-it-yourself) craft studio based off the inspiration of Pinterest,” Amanda said. “We will market crafts that are the top trending projects on Pinterest.”

No reservations are required and individuals and groups can simply walk into Pinspiration Stephenville and take a look around before deciding on one of about 50 projects to choose from.

Prices will vary widely – from simple $8 projects to more involved ones costing up to $75.

“After choosing a project you can take a seat at the table and our assistants will bring out all the main supplies for your project,” Amanda said.

Crafters can also purchase wine and beer (Yay!) as well as tea, soda, lemonade, juice, finger foods and desserts.

Crafters can even order meals from a limited menu at Greer’s Ranch Cafe.

“Greer’s will deliver the food right to the studio so you never have to leave,” Amanda said.

The splatter room


Have you always wanted to create your own masterpiece and get a little messy in the process? Then the “splatter room” might be just for you.

“The splatter room is unique to Pinspiration,” Amanda said. “You will get suited up in painter’s clothes and goggles and go into a room with a canvas and start splattering paint to create your own masterpiece.”


Pinspiration Stephenville will open in the city’s annex building next to Blue-Eyed Buffalo.

Amanda and her husband Keith purchased the building, which was built in 1896, and are working with SEDA to secure a Texas Historical Marker for the property.

The building’s first floor is being remodeled for Pinspiration and much of the original architecture on the second floor will be preserved and leased as office space.

“It’s really beautiful,” Amanda said.



Pinspiration Stephenville will open its doors to the public on Saturday, May 2, and be open Tuesday - Saturday.

Customers can also book the first floor for private parties, corporate events and showers.

There is also a “VIP Room” available for private parties that seats 20. The VIP Room boasts the building’s original, beautiful rock walls and is separated by elegant barn doors that provide privacy.

Amanda Mills


Amanda grew up in Stephenville and graduated from Stephenville High School in 1999. She and her husband Keith have been married for almost 20 years. They have two children – Keidra, 16, a sophomore at SHS, and Kylar, 12, a sixth grader at Gilbert Intermediate.


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