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Is Boot Barn coming to Stephenville? It’s certainly looking that way.

Boot Barn press photo

Rumors are swirling that Boot Barn is opening at the former Bealls location in the Bosque River Center.

I have been told by a city councilman, SEDA official, city official and a Chamber of Commerce official that they have heard the same thing.

In fact, I’ve also been told the project has been in the works for about a year.

The rumor heated up this week when a local business owner told me that her company has been asked to bid out part of the project. (The owner asked that I keep their name mum for now.)

I also got a sneak peek of a construction journal updated on Sept. 16, which shows that Boot Barn is set to open in Stephenville as soon as November.

Oh, and I understand there are artist renderings of the new store floating around as well.

Boot Barn operates 276 stores in 36 states, selling boots, Western wear and accessories for men, women and children.

They carry popular name brands like Cody James, Shyanne, Ariat, UGG, Cinch, Justin, Lucchese and much more.

Stay tuned.


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