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Introducing ‘The Crumb.” Because you can never have enough good food.


I’m excited. Like really excited.

Like the kind of excitement you feel when you are about to dive into a plate of something delicious.

I love food. I’m not a great cook, but I do love a good meal.

In fact, The Husband and I have started fancying ourselves as foodies these past few years as the kids left for college and we have more time to travel and discover new eateries.

And that’s why I am adding a Food page to Beneath the Surface News.

“The Crumb,” coming this month, will include fantastic recipes from area chefs like Curren Dodds (Let’s Eat and Lucky Guy), Lori Lesley (Casseroles-to-Go and Rollin’ the Dough) and Nick and Jessica Pugh (Salt Horse Culinary and LJT Fest).

It will also feature cool video tutorials, tasty cocktail recipes from former local bartender Ryan Young and reviews on our favorite restaurants in North Texas and beyond.

It’s a page designed just for foodies.

As Beneath the Surface News moves into its third month, the site has already enjoyed more than 80,000 visits.

My goal is to continue adding new features and unique pages to the site to continue increasing traffic so advertisers get tons of exposure and readers remained informed and entertained.

So stay tuned.

The Crumb is coming soon, and it’s going to be delicious.


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