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If you need something happy to do, plant some flowers. We did.


Spring fever has fully taken over the Vanden Berge casa.

Friday was spent mowing, weeding and washing windows followed by a Saturday field trip to Littlejohn Produce where we aimed to hunt down the perfect flowers for our back patio.

We rolled out of bed early Saturday morning and enjoyed coffee and a breakfast of dark chocolate Kodiac Cakes prepared by The Daughter and her boyfriend before heading out.

(Wondering what Kodiak Cakes are? Watch for a story about that deliciousness coming to my “Favorite Things” page.)

The Husband, Daughter and myself landed at one of our favorite local spots, Littlejohn Produce, where we toured the expansive greenhouse, carefully choosing the perfect mix of spring beauty to bloom in our empty pots.

Then we loaded the back of the car with our purchases and headed home to start planting.

(The fam wouldn’t let me take any photos because, frankly, we all looked like we had just rolled out of bed.)

We mulched, dug and planted and now our patio is officially ready for spring.

We can hardly wait for the green light to invite our family and friends over for a day of fun and sunshine.

Happy spring you guys.

If you need something happy to do today, plant some flowers.


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