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If you love a good espresso martini, this pre-made mix is pretty dang good.


I’ve tried my hand at bartending, and aside from pouring wine, I’m exceptionally bad at it.


My attempt at making habanero margaritas a few weeks ago resulted in the loss of some pretty expensive tequila, which didn’t make The Husband too happy.


The batch went straight down the drain after one sip nearly burned off his tongue. (Whoops!)


So imagine my happiness when I discovered Ketel One's pre-made espresso martini cocktail at Spec’s in Stephenville.


I love a good espresso martini, but after the massive habanero fail we are (literally) still scorching from, I’ve been a little skittish to buy the ingredients I’d need to make it.


Then this super cute bottle fell into my line of vision and I couldn’t resist giving it a try.


The cost of a 750 ml bottle will set you back about $22. There’s also a smaller version, but what’s the fun in that?


The larger size is enough for a small dinner party.


We like it so much that I went back to Spec’s yesterday to purchase two more.


I’m planning to bring one to a Super Bowl bash on Sunday and show off my mad pouring skills.


You should try it.




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