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If you like French onion soup, you will love this easy mix I found at Venture19.

The Husband and I love French onion soup, especially this time of year.

During the holidays, I was browsing through the gourmet section at Venture19 in Stephenville and stumbled upon a French onion soup mix made by Cooke Tavern Soups.

I quickly scanned the back for the recipe and discovered it was easy enough to make, and for only $9.95, I purchased a packet.

We have been waiting for the weather to get cold before trying it, and that day finally arrived on Sunday.

I was excited to try the mix, but was bracing myself for disappointment. We are soup snobs.

As it turned out, the soup was delish, and it was so, so easy to make.

Aside from the mix, all you need to make it is 48 ounces of beef broth, ½ cup dry red wine, Gruyere cheese and croutons.

I made the soup this morning and put it together for lunch by ladling it into a bowl with croutons on the bottom. (I skipped the croutons because, well, carbs, but The Husband did not.)

I topped the soup with shredded Gruyere cheese and placed it under the broiler to get nice and brown.

Then we settled on the couch to binge-watch the new season of Cobra Kai with a delicious bowl of piping hot soup inside out home, which now smells like a French café.

It’s not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

I’ll be heading back to Venture19 this week to grab a few of those mixes.

You should try it too!


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