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If you enjoy sharp humor and dark satire, The White Lotus should be your next binge-watch.

During the holidays, a friend told us to watch The White Lotus on HBO.

He described it as a series that follows groups of people vacationing at an exotic resort – The White lotus – and capturing all the drama that comes with their lives.

We decided to give it a try last week and it took us exactly four days to get through both seasons.

Now we’re sad that it’s over.

The White Lotus is as good as our friend Jason said it was.

Full of sharp humor and dark satire, it’s not, however, for the easily offended. (Or the kids.)

But if you enjoy a show centered in a tropical paradise, with overprivileged guests and resort employees dealing with everything from family dysfunction and alcoholism to infidelity and murder, this is for you.

Season 1 takes place in Maui and is full of bratty grownups living out their worst behavior: An unhappy couple with two troubled children, a spoiled alcoholic who can’t part with her dead mother’s ashes and a newly-married couple that includes a bride who spends her honeymoon second guessing her decision to get married.

The drama is taken up a notch in season 2, which takes place in Sicily. You’ll be introduced to a man losing his family because of his repeated infidelity, longtime friends vacationing together, a boat of bad guys and two prostitutes who roam the resort.

The White Lotus is indulgent entertainment at its finest, but comes attached to a slew of moral underpinnings that serve as a reminder that good behavior serves us well.

Watching it was fun, but it made me grateful for my much slower – and way more peaceful – way of life.

But I can’t wait for season 3.


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