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If a facial is what you need, you should contact Complexions by Donice. I did and now I’m all dewy.

Life in quarantine has us all wishing for a little pampering.

Dark roots, bushy eyebrows, short nails.

It’s all bad.

And so are oversized pores, which is why Donice Darby with Complexions by Donice was the first person I called when Gov. Greg Abbott announced that “personal care” businesses could finally reopen.

Turns out I need a lot of personal care. Plus, I had a Mother’s Day gift certificate from my kids for a deluxe facial that was burning a hole in my purse.

Donice quickly made me an appointment for the following afternoon, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say Monday felt like Christmas Eve.

My tired and puffy face needed a gift.

If you haven’t been to see Donice yet, you should go.

Seriously. Make an appointment now.

Donice Darby in the room where she works her magic.

The small, cozy building where she works her magic is located at 314 Morgan Mill Road Suite 104 in Stephenville.

Walking in is like entering a slice of spa heaven.

Dim lighting, soft music and all the scents that make a spa smell spa-y permeate the air.

I sipped on some tropical water (with coconut I am now obsessed with) and slipped underneath a set of soft sheets and warm blanket.

My hands and feet were lathered up with something that teetered on delicious and slipped into warm mitts.

And when she started on my face, she didn’t even wince when she saw the size of my pores.

See what I mean? Professional.

The next hour was pure heaven.

My skin is now soft and dewy and no longer looks like it’s been in quarantine for two months.

I enjoyed it so much that I even scheduled an appointment for June.

And before I left, I poured myself another glass of that water because it’s so amazing.

You need a glass of this water. It's pure deliciousness.


Donice uses Eminence Organic Skin Care products and customizes each facial based on her client’s needs.

She also has a man card-approved menu for all you guys who enjoy a little pampering too.

You can make an appointment by calling or texting 254-592-7243.

I promise, you won’t regret it.


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