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I impressed myself with this fall inspired charcuterie board. You can get yours at Hearsay Wine Bar.

I hosted a little get together this weekend for a friend’s birthday.

I’m over all things summer so decided to add a little fall into the celebration by adding some seasonal elements to my charcuterie board.

It was the first time I had used the extra long board I purchased for $50 from Hearsay Wine Bar last week and was excited to give it a go.

(Hearsay has more boards for sale in a variety of sizes and several that are engraved. They are gorgeous!)

I’ll admit that I don’t have a very creative side and struggle to make things pretty. So it took some studying to make Saturday’s super-sized charcuterie one that I would be proud to show off to my guests.

But I did and even The Husband was impressed!

Holy cow! I made this!

Here’s how I made it.

I purchased several of our favorite cheeses: Manchego, bleu, chevre and aged cheddar and for the meat I used spicy coppa, dry sausage and soppressata.

I piled the cheese on one side of the board and the meat on the other, separated by two types of crackers.

I added small bowls filled with stuffed olives, almonds and jalapeno jam and surrounded them with grapes, dried cherries and figs.

The finishing touch included two small pumpkin candles that added that seasonal flair I was searching for.

Of course, we enjoyed the charcuterie with champagne and a couple of nice bottles of cabernet.

And now that I am a charcuterie-making pro, I plan to up my game during the holidays.

Stay tuned.


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