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I got the booster shot yesterday, and aside from a sore arm and dull headache, I feel pretty good.

Sixteen hours after getting the Moderna booster for Covid-19, I am happy to report that The Husband and I feel good enough to work today.

This is startling because Covid has a history of trying to get rid of us. You can read about that here.

The virus made us both extremely ill in 2020, so we jumped at our first chance to receive the vaccine in March 2021.

The first two rounds made us terribly sick for 24 hours, so we dreaded getting the booster and made preparations to spend the next day on the couch.

I even made a casserole ahead of time.

So imagine our surprise when we woke up this morning feeling relatively good.

We both have a sore arm and I am nursing a dull headache, but it’s nothing compared to the fever, body aches and chills we battled after the first two vaccines.

We received the booster about 4:30 p.m. on Monday. We simply walked into Tanglewood Pharmacy (no appointment needed) and were in and out within 15 minutes.

I’m relieved to be fully vaccinated so we can travel freely and I can continue caring for my mom without fear of getting her sick.

I promised that I would write an honest report on our vaccine journey and I hope this is the last update I’ll be giving for a long while.

And I hope each of you stay well in 2022.


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